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  • Oranges "Moro"

    The Moro Oranges, typical red flesh of Eastern Sicily.

    The "Moro" oranges have a sweet taste, with a slight touch asprigno. They are of spherical and ovoid shape. The pulp is free from seeds. Suitable for the meal, but especially for juice, with a juice yield of over 30%.

    Production: January - February - March - April



    Shape: glossy or ovoid;     Peel color: orange with more intense shades on one side of the fruit;     Flesh color: all red vinous with advanced maturation;     Caliber: minimum 10 (diameter 60/68 mm);     Sliced ​​in juice: minimum 40, determined by juicer with birch; Total soluble solids content in the juice: minimum 10, expressed in Brix grades;     Maturation ratio: minimum 6.5, determined as Brix / acid ratio, expressing the acids as anhydrous citric acid. May be tolerated the ratio of 5.5 for the fruits harvested in December;

  • Oranges "Tarocco"

    Orange Tarocco is the typical citrus citrus of Sicily, the variation of reddish pigmentation varies from red spots to reddish with ever-increasing redness with continuous maturation. The Sicilian Tarot is the product quality that is good for both juices and table meals. There are so many varieties of Tarocco, the Tarocco Gallo, the nocilero Sciro tarocco, the tarocco from the muzzle and others.

  • Oranges "Navelina"

    The Oranges of Navelina, blossom fruit

    The maturation period begins in November to reach December / January, although it can withstand longer on the plant, increasing its sugar degree.

    Its peel is medium to fine grain and its color, depending on the ripeness, varies from a tannic yellow to an intense orange.

  • Limoni di Sicilia

    Sicilian lemons, typical fruit of Sicily, Femminello Siracusano.

    Sicily casket of the Oranges, but it is cultivated 90% of the national production of lemons.

    The most diffused variety is that of the Femminello Siracusano from the unmistakable taste.

    The Femminello Siracusano is lemon more appreciated of Italy for his/her ownerships organolettiche, generally of average greatness and 30% juicier in comparison to the other lemons. The color goes from the green to the intense yellow, the peel it is homogeneous and end and the fruit it is generally with few seeds

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