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The Oranges Tarot, typical fruit of a red pulp of Eastern Sicily.

Tarot, typical Sicilian fruit, is of a protruding shape, usually of large caliber. It has a maturation period and its harvest that begins in December to arrive until May. There are various types of Tarot: "Tarocco Gallo", "Tarocco Nocillaro Scirè", "Tarocco Novi" "Tarocco dal Muso".

The typical Tarot is the c.d. "GALLO" and "MUSO": the story is characterized by collar or muzzle. Oranges come with orange-colored peel with varying red tones, depending on variety and harvest time. The flesh, without seed, is yellow - orange - dark orange with reddish pigmentation.


TAROT Shape:

Obsolete or Globe, with a more or less prominent base (long or short muzzle) Peel color: orange with colored parts in red garnet more or less intense; Flesh color: orange with reddish more or less intense in relation to harvest time; Caliber: minimum 10 (diameter 60/68 mm); Yield in juice: minimum 40%, determined by grape juicer; Content of total soluble solids in the juice: minimum 10,0 expressed in Brix grades; Maturation ratio: minimum 7,0, determined as Brix / acid ratio, expressing the acids (such as anhydrous citric acid). The protected geographical indication "Red Orange of Sicily" is reserved for pigmented fruits. The production area of ​​Red Orange of Sicily includes the territory of East Sicily suitable for the cultivation of the Orange.