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  • 1 Marmellata di Moro
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The Moro Oranges, typical fruit of Eastern Sicily

Moro oranges have a sweet taste, with a slight touch asprigno. They are of spherical and ovoid shape. The pulp is free from seeds. Suitable for the meal, but especially for juice, with a juice yield of over 30%. Pigmentation: purple red Peel: Medium Production: January - February - March



  • Shape: glossy or ovoid;
  • Peel color: orange with more intense shades on one side of the fruit;
  • Flesh color: all red vinous with advanced maturation;
  • Caliber: minimum 10 (diameter 60/68 mm);
  • Sliced ​​in juice: minimum 40, determined by juicer with birch;
  • Total soluble solids content in the juice: minimum 10, expressed in Brix grades; Maturation ratio: minimum 6.5, determined as Brix / acid ratio, expressing the acids as anhydrous citric acid. May be 5.5 percent tolerated for fruit harvested in December